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About us

We are suncharge.
We provide an integral IoT solution for property managers to manage their energy usage.
We use our platform with a set of flexible sensors & actuators to help you reduce your carbon foorprint.

Our mission

To monitor

Smart sensors & actuators feed our platform with real-time measurements on the energy usage and climate conditions within your property

To economize

Our platform processes continuously the measurements to guide you the best ways to save on your energy usage.

To protect

Our intelligent platform advises you how to act upon your energy usage to reduce your carbon footprint.

How it works


Climate sensors feed their measurements periodically. Feel free to install the sensors of your interest and connect them to our platform.


All sensors and actuators connect securely to the platform via a Gateway. We provide the API, you are free to use the hardware of your choice.

Energy Profile

Measure your power consumption and regulate your HVAC remotely with devices that comply with our API.


Get alerts when energy usage exceeds a defined threshold


Monitor the energy consumption of your property in real-time


Your data resides on a secure cloud infrastructure

Competitive value

Our competitive advantage is best described in three use-cases

Customer Context

1. No climate and energy consumption devices or sensors in place

Suncharge offers a flexible and extensible architecture allowing the customer to decide which sensors and actuators are applicable in their case (power, water, waste, luminance), with our customer support engineer’s assistance. Gateway firmware can be updated remotely on-the-fly. If a customer wishes to add a sensor there would not be any noticeable system interference.

2. Climate and energy consumption devices in place with known APIs

Gateway firmware can be extended to interconnect additional sensors and actuators using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This permits the API installed at the Network Operations Center to remain stable and secure for all customers. We adapt the gateway firmware to customer profile changes.

3. Climate and energy consumption devices in place without available APIs

Suncharge will provide low-cost sensors and actuators if the vendor does not provide the API.

Customer Support

Suncharge offers customer support by our qualified engineers. Customers can receive telephone support that offers two incidents per month for the first year. Customer support after one year is optional. Suncharge recommends annual renewal of customer support.

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An overview in your energy profile

The Tenant Site is where end users get a closer look into the energy consumption and the environmental conditions in their residence. This way they get real-time information about their energy profile and act upon adjusting it accordingly.

The Landlord Site is where property managers are able to get the full picture about the energy profile of their portfolio. They gather statistics on consumption and climate conditions throughout their properties are able to take action to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Contact us

Robert Aceti

Suncharge Corporation


(416) 9986120



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