We need to focus attention on energy conservation and improvement of our local electrical GRID. The electricity network or GRID needs to be updated to reduce electricity loss and waste, increase power generation from clean renewable power installations and introduce smart GRID devices to better manage electricity supply and demand, especially during peak hours of the day. Conservation measures are grossly inadequate:

[Ontario Power Authority] Power Pledge’s focus was on reducing “phantom power” – that is, the electricity drawn by many household electronic devices left plugged into outlets, even when turned off. Natural Resources Canada estimates that phantom power is responsible for over 15 percent of annual household electricity use. Consistently using a smart power bar can reduce this waste.

Power Pledge Campaign Shows Ontarians Embrace Saving Energy: Participants Growing “Conservation Culture”

The future security of electricity demand and supply is dependent on our willingness to conserve energy and plan for future electrical load requirements. In the absence of price conditioning through time of day metering we will continue to spike electrical circuits during peak demand periods. It is vital to our community to have stable affordable electricity to run our homes, businesses, transportation systems and critical health and emergency services. We need to invest in smart electrical GRID transmission systems and real-time network devices that communicate electricity demand and supply information to consumers and power generators.

Smart GRID

  1. IEEE Tech presentation (o:08:54) on Smart GRID – good short over-view of electrical transmission and distribution issues and improvements expected from extensive use of smart data-gathering devices that provide real-time demand/supply information to both power generators and electricity consumers.
  2. Stanford University Electric Power Research Institute, presentation (1:00) on Smart GRID.
  3. April 2010 Georgia Tech lecture (1:18) on Smart Grid and Internet technology integration.  The presentation is a technical over-view of protocols and standards that automate electricity distribution and management.
  4. Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO ) Smart GRID solutions. The US networking systems giant that powers much of the Internet is working to gain significant market share in delivery of communications, command and control systems to enable Smart GRID electricity management and distribution.
  5. State of Maine’s U$1.5 Billion Smart GRID (Sept.-29-2010)