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Car-free City

Carfree City – The Gritty Details

Sustainable Resource Revolution

The new revolution is doing more with less resources to abate greenhouse gas emissions growth and improve efficient use of resources.

Resource Revolution

Our Energy System

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Why We Need to Build Smarter Cities

The following graphic is taken from PostScapes.  As the opening caption reads:  “The dramatic shift of the world’s population into urban areas is encouraging citizens, city planners, businesses and governments to start looking at visions of ‘smart’ cities.  Below we look into what is driving the need to establish these networked environments, how smart […]

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Digital Interactive Multimedia Environment

In 1993 I published a proposal for an digital interactive multimedia environment.
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Ontario Solar Power Leases

The Green Energy Act regulations directed the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to buy electricity from renewable energy sources based on prices or tariffs guaranteed for 20 years in the OPA contract or Power Purchase Agreement.

Sun Energy and Solar Electric Power

Early Discovery and Innovation
In 1839 French physicist Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel discovered that an electrical charge resulted from the absorption of sunlight by a conductive material. American inventor Charles Fritts used Becquerel’s discovery to create the first solar cell in 1883. Research and development in solar cell technology increased after the launch of the Soviet Sputnik […]